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GTAA - Toronto Airport - Toronto, Ontario

Retail Metal Canopies - (12) custom ceiling suspended undulating canopies made of aluminum and stainless steel

GWL Realty Advisors Inc. - Toronto, Ontario

Concierge Desk - White Marble Concierge Desk

GWL Realty Advisors Inc. - Vancouver, British Columbia

Spawn Salmon - Spawn Public Art Sculpture

Harry Rosen - Toronto, Ontario

Exterior Display Case - Exterior Display Case

HBC Outfitters - Toronto, Ontario

Staircase, Exterior Doors and Curtainwall - Exterior curtain wall, two spiral monumental staircases and balustrades.

Humbertown Jewellers - Toronto, Ontario

Security Storefront, Signs & Showcases - Solid bronze security storefront including door and showcases; featuring bulletproof glass

Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts - Toronto, Ontario

Next Generation Boardroom Ceiling Fixture - Next Generation Boardroom Ceiling Fixture

Intracorp Developments - Vancouver, British Columbia

The Golden Tree - The Golden Tree - Public Art

Jamaica AirTrain Station - Jamaica, New York

Portal Mezzanine Signs - 10 portal mezzanine two-sided sign structures for The Port Authority of NY & NJ

Jamaica AirTrain Station - Jamaica, New York

Waiting Rooms & Kiosks - (5) rugged outdoor waiting room cabins and (2) wheel house structures and (2) information booths