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Soheil Mosun Limited - Toronto, Ontario

Stainless Steel Bench - Stainless Steel Lobby Bench

Sony Centre for the Performing Arts - Toronto, Ontario

Restoration and Signage - Restoration and Signage Package

St. James Cathedral - Chicago, Illinois

Hand Carved Wooden Crucifix - Solid wood, full scale crucifix

St. Michael's Hospital - Toronto, Ontario

Glass Hexagonal Perturbation - - Glass Hexagonal Perturbation - "Hive Brane"

Sunrise Shopping Centre - Kitchener, Ontario

Retail Canopies - Manufacture and installation of 436 linear feet of curved, painted steel canopy with stainless steel front facade cladding

Terry Fox Hall of Fame - Toronto, Ontario

Memorial Fixtures and Displays - (6) freestanding members plaques, (4) wall mounted plaques, (2) murals, and (2) statue cases

The Armour Group Limited - Halifax, Nova Scotia

Queens Marque Spool Yard Spools - Vent Spools, Pause Spool and Ghost Spool

The Battery Conservancy - New York, New York

River Bench - (14) painted cast benches with steel back and contour jatoba wood slats comprising of 780 linear feet

The Dodge Group - Brockville, Ontario

Exterior Pylon Signs - Internally Illuminated Exterior Pylon Signs

The Exchange Tower - Toronto, Ontario

Elevator Cab Interiors - Elevator Cab Interior Modernization