Project Management

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Below is a summary of some tools, processes, and philosophies the Soheil Mosun Limited Project Management team uses:


Soheil Mosun Limited utilizes the latest business applications and technologies to assist in clear and efficient communications with both customers and suppliers.

Our software suite includes Adobe, AutoCAD, Autodesk and Catia. We can import and export a wide range of vector based file types.

Enterprise Resource Management

Our manufacturing processes are all carefully controlled through a business software system that ensures that customer specifications captured on shop drawings are executed without fail. Detailed work orders containing instructions to each production department follow each specific process on the shop floor, for accurate and real time monitoring of each project's progress.


Over the past several years we have built a solid team of industry professionals who have both the technical expertise and management capabilities necessary to take on the most challenging projects. Customer satisfaction is our constant focus and everyone on our management team is accessible at all times to ensure our customer's needs are handled in the most responsive manner.

Quality Control

As part of our comprehensive ERP system, all completed work orders are checked against finished product by factory management, comparing the completed work against the project specifications captured and approved on detailed shop drawings. Any flaw occurring within our procedural system undergoes an exhaustive root cause analysis, ensuring that the same mistake is never made twice.