Acid Etching
Etched panels

Architectural applications include elevator cab interiors and doors which are designed, fabricated and installed in co-operation with elevator companies throughout the world. Any type of etched pattern, patina, polish, brush finish, or combination finish can be achieved with bronze, brass, stainless steel and aluminum to create impressively unique elevator cab interiors and entrances.

The chemical milling process offers clients a cost-efficient alternative to metal stamping, engraving and casting. Soheil Mosun Limited will assist clients in the development of other potential applications for this exciting technology.

Soheil Mosun Limited supplies a complete range of integrated design and production services for acid etching and chemical milling. A variety of etched, geometrical stock sheets are available as well as artworks and films on file that can reduce set-up and production costs. Samples and specifications supplied on request.

PDFStandard Etching Patterns