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The Exchange Tower - Toronto, Ontario

Elevator Cab Interiors - Elevator Cab Interior Modernization

The New School in NYC - New York City, New York

Bronze Patinated Building Envelope - Formed and patinated bronze paneling

The Prophet's Mosque - Medina, Hejaz - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Piazza Fences and Gates - Piazza Fences and Gates

Tiffany & Co. - New York, New York

37 Wall Street Store Interior - Tiffany and Co. 37 Wall Street Store Interior

Tiffany & Co. - Toronto, Ontario

Security Doors and Sidewall Cladding - Sliding security pocket doors and sidewall cladding featuring etched patterns and decorative rosettes

Timothy's World Coffee - Toronto, Ontario

Point of Sale Display - 6' tall freestanding point of sale display unit made of steel, aluminum and wood

Toronto City Hall - Toronto, Ontario

Security Gates - Stainless steel security gates

Toronto Court House - Toronto, Ontario

Security Cameras and Card Access - Security Camera Posts

Toronto Parks & Recreation - Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Music Garden - Riverbench - Toronto Music Garden - Riverbench

Union Bank of Switzerland - Toronto, Ontario

Business Identification Signage - Business Identification Signage