Government of Canada - Peace Tower Bronze Windows & Enclosure System

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Designer/Architect: Spencer R. Higgins, Architect Inc.

Duration: May 1995 - Jul 1997

Scope: Soheil Mosun Limited was contracted to fabricate and install a new enclosure system for Canada's Peace Tower on Parliament Hill in the city of Ottawa. This enclosure system included custom crafted bronze windows and the accompanying glazing system, as well as a condensation resistance system. This enclosure system was designed and manufactured to blend in with the original architecture of the observation deck.

Highlights: Bronze window casing system, including ribs, sills and trim constructed with mitered and brazed Alloy 385 Extruded Architectural Bronze with Alloy 230 Red Brass fittings and hinges. Gutters, gutter screens, drip trays and rainwater leader covers all fabricated with Stainless Steel. Included is galvanized steel and bronze ductwork and modifications to brass handrails throughout the observation deck. The total system is air-tight and condensation resistant using state of the art glazing and sealing. All exposed metal has a brushed finish.