CanAlfa - Liberty Village Public Art

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Designer/Architect: Charles Ya'Ya Heit

Duration: Nov 2018 - Aug 2021

Scope: Soheil Mosun Limited was commissioned to manufacture design, supply and install this cast silicon bronze sculpture designed by Canadian artist Charles Ya’Ya Heit. The sculpture depicts elements of native cosmology and spirituality around the natural world and is a prime example of West Coast Native sculpture.

Highlights: Sculpture is approximately 108” long, 96” high and 48” deep and is made with silicon cast bronze. The sculpture has a patinated and wax finish. It is composed of several elements, namely, 4 large feathers 72” in height, each with cast elaborate traditional Native images. The Medallion that sits atop the scroll piece has imagery of a Turtle on one side and a Beaver on the obverse side. The medallion is 54” in diameter and 6” deep.