OC Tanner - Monumental Spiral Staircase

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Designer/Architect: MJSA Architects

Duration: Jul 2008 - Sep 2009

Scope: Soheil Mosun Limited was contracted to design engineer, build and install this monumental spiral staircase for the OC Tanner flagship store, a re-developed heritage building in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Highlights: Set in the center of the store, this staircase spirals in two continuous 180 degree half circles, through three levels to a height of 28'. The rolled and reinforced HSS primary stringer structure was engineered to support the substantial loads imposed by the 1 1/2" thick polished white limestone treads and risers, the seamless white plaster cladding at the edges and underside as well as the curved, tempered, Starfire glass guardrails. The matching balustrade glass and smoke baffle glass enclose the 16' diameter floor openings while the rolled, welded and seamless 1 1/2" diameter brushed stainless steel handrails and brackets provide support and continuity.