Kingsway College School - 2016 Grad table

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Designer/Architect: Soheil Mosun Limited

Duration: May 2016 - Jul 2016

Scope: Soheil Mosun Limited gifted this stainless steel table featuring the school logo etched and infilled on one side, the names of the teachers and students of the graduating class of 2016 etched into the table surface and borders and the words Class of 2016 etched and infilled on the other side of this solid, one piece, formed stainless steel table.

Highlights: The table is 1/8" alloy 304 stainless steel in a single piece, formed, then etched, infilled and orbital brush finished. It has the etched names of all the students and teachers for the graduating class of 2016 around the delineated border of the table, separated by etched dots and within an etched border. The table is 48" square and 23.5" in height. The letters are 2 1/2" high on the main text "Class of 2016" and the school logo is 6" wide and approximately 8" in height, etched and infilled in the schools deep blue colour.