Masonic Temple - MTV Signage and Light Fixtures

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Designer/Architect: 3rd UNCLE design inc.

Duration: Feb 2006 - Mar 2006

Scope: The project consisted of (3) elements, the Masonic Temple name, the MTV crest with logo and (12) tall cylindrical wall sconces providing both up and down wall washing illumination. These features were designed to convey the iconic character of this Toronto landmark and Heritage building.

Highlights: The temple name, replicating the original sign letters in size and position on the prominent curved corner of the building, was waterjet cut from 1" muntz bronze. The MTV crest and logo was waterjet cut from 1/4" muntz bronze, engraved with our 3DMS and rolled to match the curvature of the building. Both the letters and crest were pinned mounted off the face of the building. The wall sconces, fabricated from 1/8" muntz bronze, were rolled and machined to a size of 18" tall and 9" in diameter. All of the bronze was finished in a dark statuary patina finish with no sealer. The bronze will continue to darken over time and attain an historic finish.