Simons Department Store - Bowtie

Location Vancouver, British Columbia
Designer/Architect Douglas Coupland
Duration Sep 2014 - Nov 2015
Scope - This Public Art project was produced for famous Canadian novelist, artist and one of Canada's foremost cultural figures Douglas Coupland. It was commissioned for the Simons department store at the Park Royale Shopping Centre in West Vancouver. The art piece known as "Bowtie" consists of (2) 18'-0" long x 48" in diameter cones (at the large end), fabricated from 1/4" fiberglass over an aluminum structural frame.
Highlights - The piece was carefully engineered to meet the artist's requirement that the Bowtie be suspended only from (2) stainless steel aircraft cables. The centres of gravity were determined perfectly, so the cone tips meet using a concealed stainless steel inner rod that hold the two cones in position.
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