OC Tanner - Olympic Torch Stands

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Designer/Architect: Paul Fetzer

Duration: Mar 2009 - Apr 2009

Scope: Soheil Mosun Limited created these ultra high quality Olympic Torch Stands for the owner of OC Tanner stores. The Torch Stands present these objects in an elegant setting with no impediment to viewing due to the nature of the design and materials used and can be wall mounted in addition to freestanding.

Highlights: These Olympic Torch Stands feature cut and formed acrylic at 1/4" thickness with stainless steel base and footings. A stainless steel pin is placed at the bottom to secure the torch vertically, while midway up the acrylic there is a custom stainless steel ring to hold the torch horizontally in place. Finish is a mirror polish on top and all sides. Heavy duty ATA style cases with 1/4" black laminate featuring cut and contoured foam insets and aluminum crossbars were included for travel and storage of the stands when not on display.