Luminato® Festival - Steel Column Brackets

Location Toronto, Ontario
Designer/Architect KPMB & Soheil Mosun Limited
Duration May 2008 - Jun 2008
Scope - Soheil Mosun Limited was contracted to fabricate and install eleven (11) sets of double ring steel column brackets to serve as rigging for a specialized and suspended balloon lighting system to be used as part of the Luminato® festival in Toronto which ran from June 6-2008 until June 15-2008.
Highlights - Eleven (11) sets of upper steel column brackets with a galvanized finish and eleven (11) sets of 2 piece, rear lap jointed galvanized finish steel bottom rings. Top outer ring fabricated from 3/4" x 5" flat bar. These custom steel brackets were detailed, engineered, fabricated and installed within a four week timeline to satisfy the customer requirements. Galvanized steel was used due to the temporary nature of the installation as well as budget considerations. Were the installation permanent, Soheil Mosun Limited would have recommended utilizing exterior grade stainless steel; a more suitable choice from an esthetic and longevity perspective.
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