Soheil Mosun Limited - Stainless Steel Bench

Location Toronto, Ontario
Designer/Architect Soheil Mosun Limited
Duration Feb 2007 - Mar 2007
Scope - Soheil Mosun Limited designed, manufactured and installed this stainless steel bench for their lobby.
Highlights - Formed from one sheet of 1/2" thick stainless steel with four bends (three of which are visible) the bench is bolted to the concrete slab with granite floor tiles hiding the fasteners. Edges are mirror polished, and all other surfaces have SML's non-directional orbital finish applied, an ideal treatment for high traffic applications such as this. This finish can be touched up easily in the event of vandalism or minor scratches that build up over time. Dimensions of this bench are approximately 6'-6" in length, 3' in height and 2'-6"deep. Length of the bench can vary to suit site/design requirements. Alloy 316 stainless steel recommended for exterior applications and as an option, a heating element can be built into the bench.
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