Bank of Canada - Copper Building Envelope Repatination

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Designer/Architect: Brook Van Dalen

Duration: Apr 2005 - Sep 2005

Scope: Soheil Mosun Limited was contracted to participate in the remediation project for the building envelope of the Bank of Canada in Ottawa, Canada. The removal and replacement of all glazing was the focus of the remediation project. SML was contracted for their expertise in architectural metal work and patination of interior and exterior copper.

Highlights: More than 77,000 linear feet of copper mullion caps and trim were fabricated and patinaed to duplicate the original finish on the building envelope. Using SML's TrueGreen ® Patination formula and technique, the design integrity of the original work was upheld while meeting the demands of the remediation. 0.50'' rolled copper in 11' lengths was used to complete the mullion caps and trim with individual pieces custom made for spandrels and solid panels that required replacement.